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Backwards from Winter

June 2018

Cast and Crew

Mis-en-Sene: Konstantine Koukias

Music: Douglas Knehans

Libretto: Juanita Rockwell


Woman: Judith Weusten

Man: Chris Jackson

E-cello & voice: Antonis Pratsinakis 

Electronics: Douglas Knehans

"The (nearly continuous) vocal line is extremely high. (...) Soprano Judith Weusten hits every note right on and shows great stamina. Despite the high tessitura and the chant-like settings, she manages to make almost every word intelligible."

- James H. North, Fanfare Magazine

"The recording is stunning, as is the standard of performance from both live musicians; it is hard to credit that this is indeed live from that perspective. Weusten in particular seems to have limitless stamina. One of Knehans’s finest musical statements, this is a stunning release. This is what contemporary opera should be like."

- Colin Clarke, Fanfare Magazine

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