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A Dinner Engagement

June/July 2019

Cast and Crew

Director: Robert Chevara

Conductor: Tom Goff

Susan: Judith Weusten

Prince Philippe: Gabe Clarke

Lord Dunmow: Rolfe Dauz

Lady Dunmow: Stephanie Desjardins / Marion Dumeige

Dutchess: Linsey Coppens

Mrs Kneebone: Adanya Dunn

Errand Boy: Zachery Vandermeulen

"The rebellious teenage daughter Susan gets a delicate touch of coquettish vibrato from soprano Judith Weusten. Remember that name."

- Joep Christenhusz, NRC

"The singers are excellent without exception and are they also turn out to be wonderful actors, with perfect timing. (...) Judith Weusten and her full soprano voice is a delightfully cheeky Susan."

- Thea Derks, Theaterkrant

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